Meet the Hair Artists at Masterpiece Hair Studio

At Masterpiece Hair Studio, our artists don't just create stunning hairstyles; they craft experiences that resonate with you long after you leave the chair. Get to know our team of dedicated professionals, each with their own unique flair and expertise.

Crafting Styles, Nurturing Friendships.


Cheri’s touch goes beyond hair—her chair is a place for transformation and camaraderie. With a penchant for short hairstyles and a passion for color, she turns every appointment into a chance to foster lasting bonds.

With a warm heart and shears in hand, Cheri has been transforming hair and lifting spirits for over 25 years. Her expertise lies in precision short haircuts, vibrant highlighting, and rich coloring. Outside the studio, Cheri savors the joy of cooking, the thrill of shopping, and the love of gatherings with friends and family. Step into her chair for a transformation, and leave with the joy of newfound friendship.

Styling Your Story, Illustrating Beauty.


Monique weaves a tale of beauty with every snip. Her expertise in sharp aline and playful pixie cuts, combined with her artistic vision in color and updos, mirrors her creative journey as a writer and illustrator.

Monique's creative spirit shines through every style and cut she crafts. With 20 years of styling experience, she specializes in sleek aline cuts, playful pixie styles, and meticulous men's grooming, including fades and beard trims. Color and updos are among her artistic expressions. When the scissors are set down, Monique cherishes time with her daughter and channels her creativity into writing and illustration, dreaming of one day publishing her own children's book.

Beauty Crafted with Soul and Artistry.


Inspired by her father's craftsmanship, Jessica creates hairstyles that are true works of art. She's dedicated to revealing your authentic beauty, drawing out the inner confidence with every personalized style.

Bringing a soulful approach to beauty, Jessica has spent 14 years helping clients reveal and enhance their innermost beauty. Inspired by her father—a skilled wood craftsman and artist who has adorned the studio with handcrafted furniture—Jessica pours her creative essence into every cut and color. A lover of art, she finds solace in painting, hiking, and cherishing moments with loved ones.